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Dockwise can deliver your yacht to where you want to be

Dockwise Yacht Transport (DYT)

Sometimes you want to cross oceans yourself, other times you wish your yacht could meet you wherever your cruising destination is. You can always hire a captain to meet up with you but now there are other options. DYT will spoil you rotten. Don't want to do it yourself? Get Dockwise to sail your ship for you, in company with a whole bunch of others, onboard their delivery vessels.

DYT is the world's only float-on/float-off yacht transport service. Since its maiden voyage in 1987, DYT has transported over 8,000 motor and sailing yachts to various destinations around the globe, offering owners and charterers safe and easy access to many of the world’s premier cruising grounds. DYT has now released the schedule for its newly launched super ship, the 686-foot (209 meters)Yacht Express, and has plans to make a special visit in September to the Monaco Yacht Show, Europe 's largest in-water display of super and megayachts. The ship is the largest vessel of its kind in the world with a semi-submersible dock bay that allows yachts of any size to be safely floated on and off as cargo. It was added to the DYT fleet to provide yacht owners with faster and more frequent delivery of their luxury power and sailing yachts across the oceans so owners and captains can travel the world with their prized possessions.

Built in Yantai, China , Yacht Express has an official delivery date of May, 2007. In June, it will travel within China to Shanghai, then to Kaohsiung, Taiwan before making its way to Brisbane, Australia, and Auckland, New Zealand. August will mark its first transpacific voyage, from Auckland to Ensenada, Mexico. After a run to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, the ship will cross the Atlantic, reaching Toulon on September 13 and leaving Toulon for Monaco on the 16th, arriving in Monaco on the 17th. It will remain moored offshore during the Monaco Yacht Show's run from Tuesday, September 17 through Saturday, September 22, and depart the next day for Genoa.

Artists rendition of the new ship to be launched May 2007. View the animation of how these ships work on the DYT website.

For more information, visit or contact Catalina Bujor, Dockwise Yacht Transport, 954-525-8707,

DYT Takes Role in Environmental Mission of SeaKeepers Society Yacht Express to Help Monitor World's Oceans

DYT is partnering with the International SeaKeepers Society to outfit Yacht Express, with the organization's innovative SeaKeeper 1000 ocean and meteorological monitoring system. The SeaKeeper 1000 is a fully automated unit that samples, measures, records and then transmits its data to various scientific and public communities across the globe. Yacht Express will plot a broad and continuous picture of the critical measures of ocean health, such as salinity, temperature, oxygen and pollution for various scientific and public communities.

"The ship's regular routes will enable us to provide consistent, ongoing readings of ocean conditions over time," said DYT President and CEO Clemens van der Werf, "which will offer better analysis opportunities compared to private yachts that are only in certain regions on different occasions." Clemens added that those who typically use the DYT service have the same sentiments as the original group of luxury yacht owners who founded the SeaKeepers Society in 1998--they are concerned by the deteriorating health of the waters they have come to know and love. "This is our chance to give back something to our clients and the marine environment."

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