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New Uses for Old Socks

Just put an old sock over rubber gloves and you"re set for an easier job of many onboard tasks.

This is the time of year when there are soooooo many cleaning chores on a boat. She's been closed up all winter up north here, and she needs a thorough once or twice over. That's where all kinds of cleaning tools become handy because as you well know, the right tool makes the job so much easier. Here's one idea that's so simple I wish I had thought of it. (Ooops, I did think of it!)

Everyone’s got old socks that clutter up the drawers, right?  Some are socks we never liked but we couldn’t just get rid of because they might come in useful some day (like when the next ice age arrives). Others are socks we liked so much they have natural ventilation built right in.  Well here are some uses for socks that you may not have really thought of.  These are great excuses to get your spouse to give up the ones that are the stainmaster’s worst enemy, too.

First, if you bought a pair of socks that you thought would be really, really warm and you found they were just thick, so thick none of your shoes fit, don’t buy new shoes. Simply slide bottles of wine and other valuable liquids into the old socks and they will no longer clink and clatter when your boat bounces around.  I mean, what’s a nobler use for old socks, right? That stuff in the liquor cabinet is really valuable. What would be a better way to retire that old sock than cradling your favorite bottle?  And if the bottle breaks for some odd reason, you might even be able to squeeze the precious elixir out of the sock in a pinch. The sock will also hold all the glass chards together.

Second, if you want to make use of socks that have lots of good parts remaining, use them for all kinds of “boathold” chores. Put on a pair of rubber gloves to protect your skin, then add a good stiff sock over the top. Now you’re ready to apply teak oil or clean the rust off stanchions, even polish the hull with dreaded marine wax.  It doesn’t shift in your hand, you don’t have to hold it tight, your palm lies flat or curls around and makes a great surface.  Your fingers are free enough to get into tight spaces.  I love it. And it’s a great excuse to get rid of your husband’s old socks…his favorite ones of course.  He usually doesn't mind if the socks are giving their lives to a nobler cause.  Believe it or not, but you can buy sock shaped wipes instead of using old socks – this might make your husband much happier!

Viva the old sock!  I think I’ll write an ode to the old sock.  First, I’ll need to think of more uses. Anybody out there got any?

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