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Slots and Attachment Holes in Anchors

Some anchors incorporate a slot along the length of the shank. The intention is for the user to power over and past where the anchor is set to pull the shackle from the end of the shank up to the crown. The rode thus becomes the trip line and makes anchor retrieval very easy.

Wind shifts are quite normal; in fact, sudden wind direction reversals in a squall must be expected. We were once anchored in the lee of an island in a gentle 10 knot breeze, when the wind unexpectedly clocked 180 degrees and freshened to 45 knots. We were now with our stern close to a lee shore and our anchor pivoted and held well. If we had had an anchor with a slot, it is very likely that our anchor would have pulled out and that we would have wound up on the rocks.

Description: Anchor-with-slot
Using an anchor with a slot may cause the anchor to trip out
when the wind reverses direction

As there are many other options for anchor retrieval if it becomes stuck, we would avoid using the slot option entirely except when anchoring in rocky bottoms for short periods such as when fishing or on a dive boat. We would recommend never using a slot overnight or when leaving the boat unattended.

Some anchors with slots



Super Sarca

Alex and Daria Blackwell are the authors of “Happy Hooking - The Art of Anchoring.” It covers every aspect of anchors and anchoring in a fun and easy to read format with lots of photos and illustrations. It is available from good chandleries, Amazon  and on our publishing website.

For more information on this subject or on anchoring in general, please see our book:

Happy Hooking - the Art of Anchoring



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